Beyond Mesh Studio is a 3D design and consulting company specialized in 3D digital modeling and branding of various products such as clothing, accessories, home furnishing, and Point-of-Sale digital material materials. The created 3D digital products can be used for physical production, digital marketing on your website or real-time communication with your buyers and business partners.  
We also provide education and training on 3D digital product designs for industry professionals and college students. 
Finally, we attempt to positively impact our broader community through various new design innovation projects and open-to-public exhibitions. 
If you are interested in creating your own digital products or taking courses with us, please click Contact and email us. 

3D will turn your imagination into reality!
Beyond Mesh Studio LLC

    The New Protective Medical Clothing Design Innovation Project for the COVID-19 Frontline Heroes in Collaboration with Medical Professionals Working at New York City Hospitals (2021)

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